Dr. Santiago comes to cannabis because of a personal experience of anxiety and stress, finding the therapeutic benefits for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. General Practitioner with 22 years of clinical experience. Specialist in Ozone Therapy with 14 years of experience, Member and Honorary Founder of the Turkish Association of Ozone Therapy, Member of the Argentine Ozone Association, Member of the Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy, Collaborator of Dr. Velio Bocci (RIP) with studies in the Spanish and Italian associations of ozone therapy.

Currently a specialist in cannabic medicine, with the 1st Diploma of TecSalud and Khiron Life Science on Cannabic Medicine, in addition to multiple studies, courses and conferences related to neuroclinics and cannabis, chronic pain and palliative care, analytical cannabis, and issues of regulation of the different uses of cannabis and its social impacts. Speaker at the 1st congress of Cannabica Libre. Participation with ALCANN in the 1st National Forum of Industrial Hemp. Speaker at “Encuentro Cannabico” of Expoweed.