420 Latam is driven by passion and the pursuit of excellence in pure, safe and trusted cannabis.

Our mission is to be a company

Our mission: from seed to solution.


We collaborate to improve the health and quality of life of all living beings, we are the first vertical cannabis company with Mexican roots with a global reach.


We strive to improve people’s daily lives, driven by passion and the pursuit of pure and safe cannabis for all.


Committed to people and real-world change, we continually innovate and excel to bring quality products and services that change lives.



420 Latam enjoys an ideal location for growing cannabis, we are located in Colombia with an average of over 12.5 hours of natural sunlight per day, an altitude that results in a constant breeze that reduces pathogens, nutrient-rich organic soil and several natural spring water reservoirs. The 420 Latam facility is licensed to grow non-psychoactive cannabis and psychoactive cannabis and is actively cultivating cannabis to produce flowers and commercial CBD and THC derivatives.

This year we are looking to specialize in a hybrid greenhouse that can provide a high tech growing environment, we know how important the art of drying and curing is, therefore we want to maximize product qualities such as taste, aroma, texture and appearance.



Manufacturing + Distribution

420 Latam manufactures its products through its different international subsidiaries.

In Mexico we have legal products made with legal CBD through our specialized laboratories. In Colombia we are in the process of finishing our line of 21 CBD products to commercialize in the market through more than 1,500 distribution channels.


The 420 Latam extraction plant is currently under construction through a specialized GMP laboratory in alliance with our commercial partner FASPLAN.

With our laboratory we seek to serve unsatisfied markets in Colombia, as well as high demand international markets.



We seek to build the next generation of cannabis companies. Our goal is to build a collective of plant-based wellness and lifestyle brands that deliver the world’s most compelling experiences.

Built on a foundation of delivering the best experience, our brands demonstrate thoughtfulness and execution excellence within the industry.



The first challenge for the cannabis industry is to gain public approval. The general public remains poorly informed about the health, economic and safety benefits of cannabis legalization. The public conversation requires time and cultural perspective.

Brands can shift their focus from conventional THC and CBD products by harnessing the power of relatively untapped terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

At 420 Latam we believe in the specific role of cannabinoids with terpenes resulting in products that help consumers get the fix they so desperately need. Innovation is a concerted effort to showcase the benefits to the general health conscious consumer.




We develop products to positively influence people’s health and well-being. From consumer products to pharmaceuticals, we strive to help people have a solution and well-being.

At 420 Latam, we care about our broader global impact, from production to consumption. We make conscious decisions to prioritize sustainability throughout our value chain.


We are all leaders, responsible for making the best decisions and accountable for our actions. From the production, consumption and use of this plant in a responsible manner, taking into account the associated environmental, social and economic impacts. Some of our actions on sustainability:


We reduce the use of environmentally harmful chemicals and pesticides.


We implement efficient irrigation techniques and water recirculation.


We opt for sustainable packaging to reduce environmental impact.


We encourage local community participation and support for sustainability.